The goal of Sharon Saves is to help Sharon homeowners reduce their reliance on polluting carbon-based energy while saving money.  Incentives and information on many programs, systems, and changes, that can be implemented at your home or business can be found here. Free home energy audits, various ways to “go solar,” and substantial electric car incentives are identified. Incentives are also offered to our non-profit partners in town who help get the word out, contact us for more info.

1. Energy Assessments: Reduce your energy consumption through free ‘home energy assessments’ (HEAs).

A certified energy advisor will come out to assess your home’s energy efficiency. The advisor will test your home’s air quality, insulation, and heating efficiency. Most homes qualify for free upgrades such as LED light bulbs, low-flow faucet aerators and shower heads, and programmable thermostats. The HEA is free to you and is paid for by a monthly charge on all Massachusetts electric bills (so you’ve already paid for it!).

2. Renewable Energy:  There are many ways to power your home with renewable energy.  Not all of them have to be on your property and not all of them cost money.  Explore ways to meet your needs and goals in electrical use by offsetting it with renewable energy.   This can be anything from solar on your roof, an off-site community solar farm, to renewable energy credits from wind, hydro, solar, and digesters.

UPDATE 8/17/2019: A few community solar slots are available now through September 30.  Click here to sign up for a consultation with RelayPower.

3. Electric Vehicles:  Car dealers throughout Massachusetts are offering significant discounts for electric cars.  Some discounts are even specific to Sharon.  Check out the latest discounts.

4. More Resources: SharonSaves offers a few incentive programs that let you contribute to a local organization of your choice while saving your family or business money, that’s a win-win. You can find additional links to other programs designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint, support sustainable energy, and save money.