The goal of the Sharon Saves campaign is to help Sharon home owners save energy and money by having a home energy audit done through MassSave, and help home owners sign up for solar, either with panels on their roofs or through a community solar program.

To help reach our goal, we have directly partnered with two companies:

1. Home Energy Assessments with HomeWorks Energy: Reduce your energy consumption through free ‘home energy assessments’ (HEAs).

A certified energy advisor will come out to assess your home’s energy efficiency. The advisor will test your home’s air quality, insulation, and heating efficiency. Most homes qualify for free upgrades such as LED light bulbs, low-flow faucet aerators and shower heads, and programmable thermostats. The HEA is free to you and is paid for by a monthly charge on all Massachusetts electric bills (so you’ve already paid for it!).

HomeWorks Energy does the most HEAs in Massachusetts and has the highest ratings from their customers.

2. Community Solar with Relay Power: Community solar gardens now provide access to solar power for the majority of homes in Massachusetts that are unsuitable for rooftop solar panels because of shading or other reasons.

You purchase energy credits directly from a local solar garden (think hundreds of panels along a highway – like the solar panels along the Mass Pike). The credits are applied directly to your electric bill. There is no up-front cost to participate and the rates are lower than conventional electric power!  So you can save money while going solar and you don’t have to install anything on your property.

Relay Power is a Boston-based company developing community solar projects for Sharon residents. The capacity of their solar gardens is limited, so it’s first come, first serve.

For those interested in installing or leasing solar panels on your roof of your home, check out our Rooftop Solar page.