About Us

Sustainable Sharon Coalition (SSC) created small-sharonsaves to help homeowners reduce their reliance on carbon-based polluting energies while saving money.

SSC is partnering with different local non-profit organizations throughout town to promote the program, as well as directly partnering with HomeWorks Energy for Home Energy Assessments (HEA). We hope to have more direct incentives that benefit residents in the near future.

Many of these programs (but not all) have a referral fee that can be donated to one of our partners.  If you don’t see a direct web referral, make sure you mention where you want the fee to go to when signing up.

Our Local Non-Profit Partners are:

Sharon Friends of Conservation mission is to support and work with the Sharon Conservation Commission “to promote, encourage and foster the preservation, care and maintenance of all public lands, waters and wildlife in the Town of Sharon, in order to further recreation and enjoyment of the town’s residents.


nsgp_logoNo Sharon Gas Pipeline | Clean Energy Now is working to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure in Massachusetts while promoting equitable and sustainable alternatives to costly and dangerous expansion projects. We work locally to encourage individual changes such as rooftop solar, solar farms, energy assessments, and high-efficiency transportation; statewide to pass legislation that brings more local renewables into our state. To advocate for national changes that shift us away from fossil fuels, which increase global warming and threaten our health and the environment.

Sharon Middle School PTO is a non-profit organization comprised of parent and teacher volunteers who organize and provide educational programming, assist with meeting classroom needs and planning community-building activities.


Sharon High School PTSO facilitates a close relationship between home and school, by advancing opportunities for all parents to become involved in Sharon High School. The PTSO raises funds for supplemental educational materials and experiences, supports school and family social interaction and provides a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that affect students. It is our belief that the team efforts of a Parent Teacher Student Organization offer the best possible learning environment for our children.


ssc_logo2Sustainable Sharon Coalition is a group of citizens working towards a vision of Sharon as a leading sustainable community. We work with neighbors, elected officials, and town staff to promote measures that conserve and sustain our community’s use of natural & other resources.


Companies we work with to bring you energy and cost-saving programs. More coming soon.

HomeWorks Energy