Community Solar

Installing a solar power system at your home is no longer the only option to “going solar.”

How it Works: With community solar, you’ll get credit on your electric bill for energy produced on a remote solar garden located in our region. Since the credits are purchased at a special discounted rate, you’ll automatically save on your utility bills.  Benefits of community solar:

  • Save on electricity cost.
  • No installation at your home. No maintenance. No worries.
  • Cut carbon pollution with off-site, local solar power.

See our FAQ’s for more information on how this program works.

Local non-profit organizations are partnering with Relay Power to provide options for community solar participants. Relay Power will donate $100 to your choice of one of the following groups promoting small-sharonsavesupon enrollment. Please note that space is limited for Eversource customers. Spaces open up when someone moves so make sure to sign a reservation form with Relay Power if no spaces are available right now. There is currently no waiting period for National Grid customers. Simply click the link below and select a time to learn more.

Update 8/17/2019: A limited number of community solar slots are available through September 30. Please click a link below to sign up.

sms-pto Sharon High School PTSO sms-pto Sharon Middle School PTO
  No Sharon Gas Pipeline sfoc_logo Sharon Friends of Conservation
SSC _tabSustainable Sharon Coalition

To find out more about the different groups see About Us.  Thanks and Go Solar!