Competitive Electric Supply

On March 29, 2018, the Attorney General’s Office released a report that found that Massachusetts residential consumers paid competitive electric suppliers $176.8 million more than they would have paid for electricity from their utility between July, 2015 – June, 2017. The report also found that low-income consumers are disproportionately affected. Low-income consumers are more likely to sign-up for competitive supply and are more likely to be charged higher rates.
In order to prevent further harm, the Attorney General has called for an end to the individual residential electric supply market. If you are in a dispute with a competitive electric supplier, you can file a consumer complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.  Note this report did not include Municipal Aggregation Programs that Sharon is presently exploring.

Because of this Sharon Saves does not generally support this program. This does not mean a viable option can be found, with detail research. In the mean time the Town of Sharon is pursuing through the Selectmen as authorized by Town Meeting a municipal aggregation program. This should cover many of the good portions of this program while eliminating the downs sides that the Mass. Attorney General found.

For more information see: What do I need to know about competitive electric supply options

If you still wish to pursue then you can shop for a Competitive Electric Suppliers on the Mass State Energy Switch