Rooftop Solar

Below are two tables of solar companies operating within Massachusetts that will install solar panels on a home. The first is a list of companies which will allow you to lease panels to put on your roof. There is generally no upfront cost but your roof needs to meet certain requirements (age, shading, structural, orientation, and aesthetics)

Solar Leasing Companies

Company Phone Headquarters email
Direct Energy Solar 800-903-6130 Annapolis Junction, MD
SolarCity 888-765-2489 San Mateo, CA
Ontility 877-652-7674 Austin, TX
Solar Spectrum 866-786-4255 Oakland, CA
SunRun 877-786-6656 San Francisco, CA
1st Light Energy 866-837-6527 Waltham, MA
Vivint 888-986-3494 Provo, UT
Trinity Solar 1-877-why-solar  Wall, NJ
Amergy Solar 888-902-2295 Auburn, MA

The second is a list of companies that allow you to buy and install panels on your home. These have the same requirements as leasing panels on your roof but you pay for the cost of the solar panels. You own the panels.

Solar Sales Companies

Company Phone Headquarters email
United Solar Assoc. 855-786-1776 Malden, MA
US Solar Works, LLC 508-226-8001 Attleboro, MA
SolarFlair 508 293-4293 Framingham, MA
Independent Power Systems 978-998-4079 Beverly, MA
Direct Energy Solar 800-903-6130 Annapolis Junction, MD
GotSun-GoSolar 508-399-0120 Seekonk, MA
Cotuit Solar 508-428-8442 Cotuit, MA
Transformations, Inc. 978-597-0542 Townsend, MA
Bright Star Solar 617-564-0050 Marlborough, MA
Absolute Green Energy 508-459-5410 Worcester, MA
1st Light Energy 508-395-6687 Waltham, MA
Skyline Solar 732-354-3111 Edison, NJ
Solar Farm Bank 508-259-2419 Holliston, MA
Solar Spectrum 866-786-4255 Oakland, CA
Trinity Solar 877-why-solar Wall, NJ
REPOWER Easton 508-558-9269 Easton, Ma
Rayah Solar 617-564-3159
Resonant Energy 617-326-3198

In both cases you will probably save more money by leasing or purchasing solar panels for your roof than doing community solar. But you have to sell the panels with your home when you move, and your roof needs to meet the requirements.

Generally speaking 50% of houses in Sharon do not meet the roof requirement.

Many of these companies have already installed solar panels at a house in Sharon. If you are looking for a reference, or a local review of these companies, please contact Paul Lauenstein at 781-784-2986 or

If you decide to go with one of these companies make sure you say you heard about it from one of our partners (see about us).  They may offer a referral fee.

(Data provided by Sharon Solar Network)

To get a quick review if your home roof meets the requirements for solar please check out the Google’s Project Sunroof program